"Be Better!"

“Your actions speak so loud I can’t hear your words!”  Whoa there!  
     I came across this quote the other day and it won’t let me go.  The words are  simple yet incredibly and annoyingly true! I know I’m not the only person who has spent time wondering what on earth other people think of me.  And certainly I  care more about what some folks think than others.  None-the-less I do care. I can’t help but wonder what I telegraph about myself to other people. 
          On my good days I’m convinced others see me as witty, loving, beautiful, encouraging, charming and I could go on and on.  But what about my bad days when I don’t want to deal with anyone or anything, no way or no how? When nothing is going right and it seems like the entire world is plotting against me? Do all of my “good day” qualities shine through the darkness?  Honestly I don’t even know if I have an answer for that question. If I did I’m sure it would be biased. 
          I can say making an effort to be conscious of what I do and what I say makes a big difference in how I act.  Also realizing that every action starts with a thought means I need to check myself and my thoughts often. Whew! Yes that’s a lot of work (at least for me), an ongoing process filled with a series of victories and defeats.  But hey, at least I’m in the game.  My hubby’s motto for 2013 is “Be Better!”  While he’s not the boss of me, though he thinks he is, I shall do my best to take his advice and be better with my actions and not just my words.
     Okay, so what about you? What will you do to be better?


  1. You are not alone in this analysis. Be Better, is a very doable goal. Your boss….oops, I mean your husband sounds as if he is a smart man. 🙂 Pam Mc

  2. 1. just trying to make to 50 without killing my daughters2. eat only square meals a day3. lay off any fastfood joint4. go a whole day without frustration5. be humble by love, saved by grace and trusting in faithOLDSKOOLHQ81

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