Don’t Mess With Mama Bear!

   “Woman shoots intruder in the face!” I saw this story on the news this morning and I am still cheering this Mama Bear on.  I got chills imagining myself in her shoes.  She’s at home with 9-year-old twins and there’s a knock at the door followed by incessant ringing of the doorbell. She calls her hubby who tells her to grab the kids and hide while he calls 9-1-1.  
     The intruder breaks in and ransacked the house. The terrified woman is on the phone with hubby and the 9-1-1 operator as the intruder is closing in on their hiding place.  Hubby keeps her calm and urges her to start blasting  with her .38 caliber revolver if the intruder opens the door to their hiding place.  She hit the guy five times in the face and he still managed to make it out of the house and drive off before crashing his truck and being arrested.  So I can only imagine what may have happened if this Mama Bear had not been armed, ready and willing to use her weapon. 
     While the entire situation is a tragedy it is viscerally satisfying for me as a wife and mother to know that the cowardly intruder who meant to do this woman and her children harm got a painfully rude awakening.  A situation like this is a perfect example of why the gun control issue is so frustrating.  Some statistics say that a victim who is armed is more likely to be shot or killed than a victim who is unarmed.  But as we all know every situation is different and I, like almost every Mama Bear, would prefer to have some fire power on my side in a life or death situation.   I’m just saying.  Let me know how you see it?

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