Repairs Needed!


What in the world is going on? Horrific bombings in Boston, fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas and an avalanche in Colorado all within the last few days, all leaving untold amounts of death, misery and pain in their wake. As for me I’m emotionally drained and weary. Even hesitant about checking my Twitter feed for fear of discovering the latest tragedy rocking the nation.

Sure the journalist in me craves information and details about all of these events but I find the more I learn the sadder I become. All of the evil, death and destruction leaves me feeling fractured. At times I even find it difficult to pray, let alone smile.

So today, I boycotted all (nearly all) news reports of any kind. I chose to focus on the sunshine, revel in the cool breeze and enjoy the beauty of this day with my hubby and my son. It definitely took some of the edge off.  My zen space is once again in sight and the thought of resting in it is just enough to repair my fractured spirit enough to smile.  I’m curious, how are you handling all of the recent events in Boston, Texas, Colorado and anywhere else? Have they taken an emotional toll?  Are you able to find your zen space? Please, do tell!



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