Mel’s Story

Mel Robertson Novelist, Screenwriter, Director
Mel Robertson
Novelist, Screenwriter, Director

Name: Mel Robertson       Age: 37
Occupation: Writer/Director/Editor/Small Business Owner
Location: Somerville, MA

My Challenge:
Finding home/humanity. “When I came home to New England from LA, I had no intention of ever going back…The corruption, the greed, the plastic societies of narcissists, was just too much to deal with anymore.
I had been laid off right after Obama was elected, I’d self-pub’d a book that sold a whopping 75 copies and had been made into a web series that about 25 people watched, I had an emotional affair to catapult myself out of one of the most emotionally/verbally abusive relationships I’d ever been in and in 2010 I was ‘let go’ from my swanky production manager gig, working for the spawn of Cruella DeVille and Miranda Priestly at one of America’s favorite tough guy shows on Discovery.”


My Approach:
“I chose not to wallow in my new found unemployment (again), but to embrace it and go full on into a passion project of my own, a script about two girls in love on the soccer field. The idea picked up instantly and my producing partner and I were rolling with a starter fund and the WHOLE budget on the way from a studio in Tennessee. We were cast, partially crewed, the girls in the movie were training and then, about a month before we were to go into production, the earth opened up and nearly swallowed us whole. Our investors were under water, literally. It was 2010 and the great flood had just hit them. But the hits kept coming for us. We lost everything. For a whole month, I didn’t leave the studio. I turned it into a meditation retreat. I got rid of anything I didn’t need.”


My Inspiration:
“Only two months later after my final dry fuck from Hollywood, I met the most amazing woman on the planet, the love of my life, my world, my dream, my savior and my future wife. I started over again. I walked away from it all and moved my happy ass to Boston, well Somerville/Cambridge, but we call ourselves Bostonians regardless. We have a happy little love nest in Somerville. We own a local business and work with dogs, she’s a massage therapist and I’m still a writer and this is perfect and exactly as it should be. I’ve written two books in the past year and I’ll be publishing one of them this year.”


My Victory:
“Escaping Los Angeles. A and the film industry seem like war to me, like something that happened to me, like a bad trip at Burning Man.”
My Lesson:
“Not compromising my ethics/morals.”

My Prayer:

“May we be safe. May we be happy. May we be healthy. May we live with ease. Lovingkindness/Metta.”

Check out more of Mel’s story and her reflections about the Boston Marathon bombing in her blog @ Contact Mel @

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