It Ain’t Ova “Moms” Monday!

Me & "The Boy"
Me & “The Boy”

     The way I see it Mother’s Day is the equivalent of the Super Bowl for all of us incredibly, loving, hardworking, spectacular and beautiful “It Ain’t Ova” Moms! It’s  only fitting that we should enjoy a week of celebration leading up to our big day.  So let’s have some fun!

Question: What car (vehicle) best describes you as a Mom? 

“The Boy” said I would be a Denali SUV because it’s big enough to handle everything but it’s always running out of gas. Eeeh?

"Mini Cooper Me"
“Mini Cooper Me”

On the other hand “The Hubby” said I would be a ‘James Bond, Full Sized Mini Cooper’ equipped with ‘oil slick’ capability, mini-machine guns and rocket launchers! That cracked me up! I suppose, like most Moms, I’ve had my share of “mini machine gun and rocket launcher days.”

Me & "The Hubby"
Me & “The Hubby”

   As for me, I see myself as a shiny rugged Jeep with big bad ass wheels that roll through mud,over boulders and across sand dunes and no, I don’t run out of gas!

"Bad Ass Jeep Me!"
“Bad Ass Jeep Me!”

Question: What food dish best describes you as a Mom? “The Boy” said I would be Sushi (one of our favorite dishes) because it’s unique and there’s never quite enough of it on the plate. There he goes again. Hump! Maybe I occasionally run on empty because I spend so much of my time being his cook, his maid, and personal assistant or checking on grades, talking with teachers, and trying to keep up with his creative whims. But I’m sure those things never crossed his teenage mind.

"Sushi Me"
“Sushi Me”    

     On the other hand, “The Hubby” said I would be a Spicy Chicken Taco! Yaaay that’s my man! I love being his spicy anything. He doesn’t think I run out of gas, well not unless I’ve had one too many glasses of wine…hmmm, which hardly ever happens. 

"Spicy Taco Me"
“Spicy Taco Me”

I see myself as Sweet & Spicy Baby-Back ribs! They’re meaty with just enough honey and spice to get any job done!
     Okay my beautiful “It Ain’t Ova” Moms now it’s your turn to share. What “car (vehicle)” and what “food dish” best describe you as a Mom? Let’s hear it!

"Sweet & Spicy Rib Me"
“Sweet & Spicy Rib Me



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