“Take the Limits Off!” Danya’s Story

Li'l Danya Levine
Li’l Danya Levine

Name: Danya Levine
Occupation: Supervising Producer Age: 43
Atlanta, GA

My Challenge:
My weight and my self esteem. Coming from a family where superficial beauty was an issue- my whole life I was the chubby girl with buck teeth. I dieted to the extremes throughout my teens and into adulthood only to have my weight drop and then balloon again. Finally at age 40 I changed everything.

“No Limits!”

My Approach:
My approach was to try to save my marriage at first. Thinking that my weight was a problem I focused solely on that, only to learn that my marriage suffered from more than an image issue. I forced my spouse to join a Cross Fit gym with me. I was inspired after seeing the movie the “300″ and reading about how they trained. I thought it looked like fun and would be challenging and it might bring us closer together. Instead, where training brought me courage, self esteem, and a healthy body, it only sent my husband deeper into to his own depression. So while I surged forward with new confidence in training and eating healthy – he wallowed and it separated us further.

Once I got get past the superficial/surface beauty issues that I had with myself I realized the problems in our marriage went beyond that. It was an amazing growth period for me spiritually, physically, and emotionally. My training and lifestyle changes made me stronger in body and mind. I took VALUE in myself. Everything I ate and how I behaved was all changed by finding my strength. So what if I’m not a size 6! I can dead lift 195 pounds! So what if I’m not petite! That just means I can run longer distances on my giant QUADS! I will no longer put processed foods into my body because I like when people complement my healthy complexion. And most of all, I learned that the only person who can limit my accomplishments is ME! I’ve worked too hard to stop myself now. After three years of total life changing training I feel my next step is do something I have always been to afraid to try – a triathlon!

“Be Who You Are!”
“Take Risks!”

My Inspiration:
My inspiration comes from many places. Music and art inspire me. But I mostly get inspiration from fear. Watching other people limit their lives by fear, is what drives me most. Nothing bothers me more than the people who have a laundry list of excuses of why they can’t do something, or why they shouldn’t, or why that’s NOT for them. HOW do you know unless you do it? Life is a gift full of risks and challenges. If you choose not to meet those challenges or run away from risk – YOU ARE NOT LIVING! I never want to be the person who says “shoulda ,” “woulda,” “coulda,” or “if only.” That amounts to a life of regrets, not memories . Failure is nothing to fear, without it we can never learn or grow.

My Victory:
Finishing without dying will be my victory. My Personal victory is feeling good, looking good, and being happy for the first time in a long time.

My Lesson:
BE WHO YOU ARE! BE PROUD! TAKE RISKS! DO things you never dreamed could be possible!

My Lesson:
BE WHO YOU ARE! BE PROUD! TAKE RISKS! DO things you never dreamed could be possible!

“Do things you never dreamed possible!”

My Prayer:
“God’s got a lot going on. He ain’t got time for whining! Girl you got this!”


  1. Danya you have always been gorgeous and sexy!! I have known you since you were a teenager and admire you for the person you became as an adult. Keep up the good work and the positive thoughts.

  2. It’s funny how we view ouselves. I knew Danya in her late teens and always thought she was strong and beautiful. I am happy she now feels it inside and out. Change can be so hard and scary, but so worth every effort. God does help guide us if we look to him.

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