“Lookin’ for Freedom”


“Life hasn’t been very kind to me lately but I suppose it’s a push for movin’ on…”

       I love the lyrics to the song “Freedom” as performed by Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton in the “Django Unchained” soundtrack.  It’s one of those songs that speaks volumes about how to handle those messed up and jacked up situations that roll into our lives.  The kind of challenges that, for a time, can make us feel like we can’t win for losing.  Sometimes life, the universe, my personal belief is God, will give us a swift kick in the behind to push us away from what we think we want and how we think things should be playing out in our lives. At that point we have to accept and deal with matters just as they are– for right now.  But that doesn’t mean throwing in the towel on our dreams.

“Not giving up has always been hard—but if I do things this way I won’t get far….”

I means we have to take some time to rest, recalculate, then reload and take another shot or two, or three at our goal. At some point we’ll hit the mark that we are destined to hit, our own personal bulls eye.

“Life hasn’t been very kind to me lately. But I suppose it’s a push for movin’ on. In time the sun’s gonna shine on me nicely. Something tells me good things are comin’ and I ain’t gonna not believe..”  

     That’s about as simple and as complicated as it gets. No matter what road we take to achieve our goals we will always have to dodge doubt, fight fear, and do our best not to wither under the weight of all of the pressure and stress that comes with daring to want more or to be better. But like the song reminds us, we’ve come too far to turn back now. I know I have.photo

“I am lookin’ for freedom, lookin’ for freedom, and to find it costs me everythang I have.”

Press On!

Check out: “Freedom” by Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton


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