“Lovin’ Me Some Me!”

Lovin’ Me!

     According to someone out there this is “Build a Better Image Week!” Since it gives me a good idea for a blog I’m going to go with it. In fact loving yourself was the theme of my Sunday sermon. The importance of loving ourselves can’t ever be understated because when we blow it (as we all do at times) we make our lives, as well as the lives of those whom we come in contact, MISERABLE! As my pastor put it, each of us is an “individual masterpiece.” Translation: each of us is a piece of the Master. In other words we are “The Bomb” and when we know this we certainly pass it on especially to our kids.

Me & "The Boy"
Me & “The Boy”

These days, I’m pleased to say at “half-a-hundred,” I’m much better at appreciating my strengths and working on my weaknesses. I’m still growing and as far as I’m concerned that means I’m winning! But as a Mom I do wonder how “The Boy” sees me. I wonder how he will describe me to his kids when he’s all grown up with his own family. I do plan to be around but I wonder what he’ll tell them when I’m not eavesdropping! Let’s face it this generation of parents, and even grandparents, is far more transparent than our elders who took their secrets to the grave. While “The Boy” has seen and experienced many of the successes and joys in my life he’s also been privy to many of my failures and sadness as well.

“What will he say?”

     So when he says things like, “My Mom was a trip!” I hope he means that while I may have been extreme at times I did what was necessary to teach him to do what was right even when he didn’t want to. Or when he says, “Your grandmother was scary!” I hope he really means that the thought of facing my wrath was often useful in helping him make the right choices to be successful and keep his tail out of trouble. Or will he simply gush about all the happy, the love the laughter and the spontaneous outbursts of song and dance I did my best to pour into his life?

Bottom line!
Bottom line!

     Aaaah heck who cares what “The Boy” tells my grandbabies! The important thing is that I keep loving myself and looking for ways to get better, stronger and wiser all of which I’m sure is rubbing off on him, at least it better be!

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