“A Cop with a Sense of Humor! Seriously?” Dwayne’s Story

FA2B295199983235990846390272_1453c34e5e4.3.1_899jcvHvfxdVe83fBBRaFQ1fOOrQzr.OafOjrLRjO4og0_oPvk.D2X7bKQyq2GwLName: ​Dwayne L. Gill​
Occupation: Comedian and State Trooper            Age: 49
Lansing, Michigan
Contact Info: comedycop409@hotmail.com​

My Challenge:
I wanted to become a Stand Up comedian. I started in 1992. I entered a contest in 1995 where I got booed off the stage in front of 1500 people. Worst feeling ever! I quit trying to perform comedy for 7 years. In 2002 I came back to stand up to give it another try.

My Approach:
I decided to take a comedy class in NYC. I learned from the best. I read books. I watched. I worked. I performed. I learned! I got up on stage every chance I could get.

My Inspiration: imgres-4 I was inspired by the voice of a deceased friend and old partner. When I got booed off the stage in 1995 he told me not to quit and to keep trying. He said he knew I would be successful. I wanted to honor his memory.

imgres-2My Victory:
In 2005 I got picked up by a comedy booking agency, Funny Business. Since then I have been a very successful working comedian. In 2008 I became a Headlining Comedian and was the star of every show I have been in. I went on to rack up wins at comedy competitions and festivals across the country, while still working my day job as a Michigan State Trooper.

My Lesson:
The lesson learned was to never ever quit on your dream. If you have a dream job or career go for it and never quit. If you become successful in your dream job then work will never be work.

imgres-3My Prayer:
That others learn what I did much sooner than I did. Believe in yourself and always strive for success. Your blessing is out there. All you need to do is to pray on it and God will make a way!





  1. Dwayne is not only one of the funniest performers I’ve had the pleasure to work with, he is also one of the most genuinely nice guys out there. When I suffered a major car accident that prevented me to perform and make money my friend Dwayne helped to put together and perform comedy benefits to help raise money to help me out…I will never forget him for that. I am glad to call him my friend and wish him continued success and may God continue to watch over his aspirations and life.

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