When all else fails, keep it pushin'!
When all else fails, keep it pushin’!

The way up was steep and rocky. The Boy was full of steam and hit the mountain trail in his usual beast mode. I followed close behind but paced myself. The higher we went the more challenging the trail. Every time we reached a plateau I’d tell myself that’s it I’m stopping here–wishing he would stop too. Nope! Refusing to be left behind my only option was to keep it pushin’.

As I watched The Boy reach climb I couldn’t help thinking of all the obstacles he has  already overcome to reach some of his goals. When the economy tanked our business slipped into a downward spiral at warp speed and our life circumstances went haywire. The Boy’s dreams of going to college and playing football seemed to vanish. There were times I was honestly sure that we had been cursed and didn’t understand why.  It felt like, for some cruel and inexplicable reason, the life was being sucked of me and my family. Blessed with the support and encouragement of loved ones we limped and trudged along as a family through the darkest and most difficult of times. Now of course, when one is suffering it is impossible to view any of the agony as worthwhile or to consider it a means of personal growth. Crazy, as it sounds that is exactly what was happening. God’s grace and mercy kept us from falling apart.

We are the size of our dreams!
We are the size of our dreams!

So that morning I watched in awe and gratitude as The Boy steadily worked his way to the top of that mountain and we basked in the morning sun and enjoyed a breathtaking view of Los Angeles.

What Goes  Up Must Come Down

Every incline we overcame on our way to the top of the mountain seemed that much more treacherous on the way down. At one point I not only lost sight of The Boy but the trail seemed to suddenly vanish as well. I slid onto a rock. Unable to figure out which way to go I was paralyzed in a brief moment of panic.  Then came the gentle reminder,  “Pssst, keep it pushin’.”   I scooted over a few more rocks and duckwalked through some brush and just like that the trail reappeared, (as if it had ever left).  20140710-150118-54078899.jpgI had a real LOL moment. Nothing magical had happened. What I needed was always right there I just had to keep going to see it.

Our little adventure served as a simple but poignant reminder of how we can choose to approach the unexpected challenges that whip through our lives. When everything seems lost in your business or career…keep it pushin’.  When people, whom you hold in high regard, disappoint you…keep it pushin’. When you don’t get the job, when your heart is broken,  when your health fails…do your best to keep it pushin’!  The set back does not matter, only the response. That means no matter how little you have or how insignificant you feel, do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are!c092e3d36aeb8aebf3c9f1cce7e762ea-1

When it comes to getting back on my path, or even blazing a new trail, I’ve learned that my every thought and every action, fueled by my trust in God, makes me stronger and wiser all of which allows me to keep it pushin! This quote by author Alex Elle sums it up best.



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