Yes! I most certainly did!

“If You’re Still Poor You Deserve It!” 

“Oh really now?” I smirked as I read the title of the article on my phone. “Hump!” The last thing I wanted to hear, while in the midst of rebuilding my life, is Chinese Internet billionaire Jack Ma telling me that the lack of cash in my bank account is all my fault. But, as I began my morning walk, the desire to succeed forced me to listen.

Jack Ma  “Godfather of China’s scrappy entrepreneurial spirit.”
Jack Ma
“Godfather of China’s scrappy entrepreneurial spirit.”

“If you’re still poor at 35 you deserve it! You are poor because you have no ambition!”

“Whoa there now Mr Ma! I’m no slouch!” I protested, about to hit the skip arrow. “And I have oodles of ambition thank you very much!” But what I heard next stopped me quick:

“The experience trumps failure. The experience regardless of if you achieved the goal is the success.”

Shut the front door! That had to be the fourth or fifth time, in at least, the last 30 days that I had received this type of advice. Talk about confirmation that no part of our journey is a waste!

Failing is achieving! No, it’s not the pretty side of the game but it’s definitely one hell of a teacher. It took me awhile to understand and embrace the lessons of failure. After losing everything, that we had planned and worked so hard for and finally achieved, failure left me drenched in fear, swimming in doubt and stuck on worthless. But it gradually dawned on me that no matter how ugly and painful, FAILURE DID NOT KILL ME!

That face you make when you realize failure didn't kill you!
That face you make when you realize failure didn’t kill you!

 Failure doesn’t mean I’m washed up, or that my dreams are invalid. It just means that I need to use what I’ve learned from my mistakes to revise my approach, my strategies and my thinking to achieve my goals.  It’s my chance to reload! Jack Ma pointed out four reasons people tend to lose out in life…

  • Being myopic to opportunity
  • Looking down on opportunities
  • Lacking understanding
  • Failing to act quickly enough

Ouch! At one point or another I had been guilty all four. While I was blessed to achieve some of my goals by the time I was 35 I also, at one time or another, made the mistake of taking my eyes off the prize when it came to my personal, spiritual and professional growth.

 “The depth of one’s ambition determines the potential of one’s future.”

In short, my failure(s) is nothing to be ashamed of nor will it take away my desire to succeed. (hops onto soapbox)  I choose to use the unforgettable lessons of my failure(s) to fuel my ambition. Ma reminds us that winning takes a scrappy spirit, so high five to all of us scrappy fools failing our way to the top! #ItAintOva

Here’s a link to Jack Ma’s full article:


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