“The Young Man Goes to College”

IMG_1971You’d think 6,570 days would’ve been long enough for me to get used to the idea that one day The Boy would pack his bags and move away. Sure, college had always been the plan, and the football scholarship was an added blessing, but as we cruised along Interstate 10 toward Arizona the reality set in as clear as the glow of the morning sun lighting up the desert sky. The Boy had officially become The Young Man.

 Of course, at 18, he’s convinced that he knows more about life than me and The Hubby rolled together. It’s all good though. It just means we’ll still come in handy on those occasions when ‘Young Mr. Know It All’ yearns for the love and support of his wise and witty parents.  IMG_1887

 I rubbed his shoulders excitedly as we drove onto the campus for the first time. To our relief, it wasn’t a bait and switch situation. The grounds and the dorms are exactly as they are pictured on the university’s website. The Boy…err, Young Man and I grinned from ear to ear. The Hubby was unusually quiet. 

I bounced along behind him doing my best not to hover, as he checked in and then began unloading the pick up.  The Hubby remained unusually quiet. Fun fact: I was only able to maintain my composure because I had boo-hooed, in private, a couple of nights before the big move. I had also repeatedly warned The Young Man, to be sensitive to my (our) feelings on that day.  Otherwise, I threatened to make an ‘angry mama scene’ of epic proportions. 

IMG_1960I mean come on! A milestone moment like this had my thoughts bobbing in a flood of Mommy memories…like the three of us spending lazy afternoons at the beach, The Boy with his Don King hair and slobber flying from his mouth, while he figured out how to put one foot in front of the other.  So on this day I demanded The Young Man refrain from being an aloof, 18 year old ‘arse’, complaining about me taking pictures or needing to help him get settled in before we said goodbye. Thankfully he did not disappoint. The Hubby, though smiling, was still unusually quiet. 

IMG_1889     Miraculously I made it through all of the unpacking, which I piddled with for as long as I could, without blubbering. Good thing, since The Young Man’s Godmother had given me strict orders not to embarrass him by making a fool of myself.  The deed was done. The Young Man, had met his teammates and the clock was ticking down to his first collegiate team meeting.

IMG_1896We hugged, cracked jokes and said good-bye at least ten times before finally letting go. And just like that, some 568 million seconds after holding The Young Man in our arms for the first time he had arrived at a much dreamed about destination. 

As we left his room The Hubby took my hand, kept his sunglasses on, and remained unusually quiet. #ItAintOva



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