Kindness Killed It!

 Langston Hughes’ poem “Bad Morning” perfectly described my feelings the other day. I was mentally exhausted from watching, reading and absorbing the heartbreaking and stomach turning stories of violence, hatred, racism and murder from the Middle East to Ferguson, Missouri.  I took a walk through my new neighborhood hoping to clear my head and unexpectedly found reasons to smile. IMG_4333                                     

 First I happened upon this gem… “The Little Free Library.” The colorful book nook is crammed with an eclectic selection of good reads including mysteries, romance, self help and spiritual guidance.  The directive for the little library is clear and simple…“Take a Book, Leave a Book.”  It’s a sweet boost for literacy and encourages folks in the neighborhood to pay it forward. Adding to the charm there’s even a little bench for anyone who wants to take a load off and enjoy their selection on the spot. IMG_4384A few blocks later I came across “Faith Park,” in another front yard. A rustic welcome sign invited me to enjoy the cozy setting while taking a moment to relax and reflect. 

IMG_4340IMG_4339The center piece of Faith Park really grabbed my attention. I call it a pillar for peace. “May Peace Prevail On Earth,” the universal plea, is written in a several  languages on all sides.                              

IMG_4338These small, but intentional, acts of kindness, designed to inspire and uplift, totally killed my frustration. I walked home with a smile on my face and a much needed boost in spirit.  #ItAintOva


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