For Goodness Sakes — Let Dads Have Their Day!

Angel Soft Father's Day ad

I recently watched the craziest thing—a Father’s Day ad by Angel Soft toilet paper that, get this, gave all praise and props to single mothers! (Angel Soft Father’s Day Ad)

What on earth is up with that? Single mother’s are no joke and they put in serious work raising their babies. Hell, they work miracles day in and day out when it comes to every aspect of raising children on their own. They should be praised and supported loud and often — oh wait, they are celebrated in every way possible, especially by the media, on Mother’s Day!

CHkUd6AWsAAW7qZSo why create an ad that bumps Dads out of the picture on their holiday? Party foul! A spot like this would be unthinkable for Mother’s Day. It’s a slap in the face to all of the loving and dedicated men out there doing what real dad’s do—raise their children. The Dads who take pride and pleasure in being providers, mentors, protectors and teachers to the children God blessed them with. The Dads who take their kids to school in the morning and tuck them into bed at night. The Dads who attend parent teacher conferences, sporting events and recitals, the Dads who stay up all night when their kid is sick, discipline when they are wrong and teach them to do right. You get my point. So Angel Soft gets a big thumbs down on this one!

The Hubby & The Boy

The majority of men I know are incredible and dedicated Dads. I raise my wine glass to them all, especially The Hubby. For 19 years I’ve watched in awe, admiration and respect as he has poured his heart and soul into raising our son, by being a positive role model, molding his character, teaching him to do what is right –even when it hurts, how to be strong, loving, respectful and to have a heart—teaching him to be a man as only a Father can do.

The Apple & The Tree

While I respectfully bow down to all of the single Moms who move mountains on a daily basis to raise their sons and daughters, Father’s Day is not about being a single mom. It’s about showing appreciation to all those amazing Fathers out there and letting them have their special day! Happy Father’s Day!


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