Gorilla Love!

CIf9lZ9WEAAa28XThis handsome, brooding, muscular, hunk is a rock star in the animal kingdom (even if he does live in a zoo).  Check out Shabani! The18-year-old sexy silver back is turning women’s heads on the regular at the Higashiyama Zoo in Japan — and probably all around the world by now.

When I first heard about this hairy hottie I was thinking, “He can’t be all that.” Even though silver backs are some of the coolest animals ever. But when I saw Shabani—I became an instant fan! Turns out he is, all that and a bag of chips!


He looks like he spends his days pushing serious weight at the zoo gym then kicks back to chill while considering poses for an upcoming photo shoot. Shabani is an “OG” ready for the cover of “Gorilla Q!”


It’s those piercing eyes that are so dang captivating. I want to know what he’s thinking. Is he pondering the plight of his fellow primates in the animal kingdom? Looking forward to his next meal? Or is he just wondering why all these people keep showing to stare at him and take pictures?


Hmmm, my guess is Shabani’s instincts are all the way live and he absolutely knows he’s got it going on. An Instagram account or live webcast will soon follow.



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