“A Cop with a Sense of Humor! Seriously?” Dwayne’s Story

“A Cop with Jokes”

Name: ​Dwayne L. Gill​
Occupation: Comedian and State Trooper            Age: 49
Lansing, Michigan
Contact Info: comedycop409@hotmail.com​

My Challenge:
I wanted to become a Stand Up comedian. I started in 1992. I entered a contest in 1995 where I got booed off the stage in front of 1500 people. Worst feeling ever! I quit trying to perform comedy for 7 years. In 2002 I came back to stand up to give it another try.

Dwayne Gill

My Approach:
I decided to take a comedy class in NYC. I learned from the best. I read books. I watched. I worked. I performed. I learned! I got up on stage every chance I could get.

My Inspiration:
I was inspired by the voice of a deceased friend and old partner. When I got booed off the stage in 1995 he told me not to quit and to keep trying. He said he knew I would be successful. I wanted to honor his memory.

“I watched. I worked. I performed. I learned.”

My Victory:
In 2005 I got picked up by a comedy booking agency, Funny Business. Since then I have been a very successful working comedian. In 2008 I became a Headlining Comedian and was the star of every show I have been in. I went on to rack up wins at comedy competitions and festivals across the country, while still working my day job as a Michigan State Trooper.

My Lesson:
The lesson learned was to never ever quit on your dream. If you have a dream job or career go for it and never quit. If you become successful in your dream job then work will never be work.

“God will make a way!”

My Prayer:
That others learn what I did much sooner than I did. Believe in yourself and always strive for success. Your blessing is out there. All you need to do is to pray on it and God will make a way!




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