“Angels May Come: Jacqueline’s Story”

On My Mission!
On My Mission!

Name: Jacqueline Woodberry
Occupation: Actor
Los Angeles

My Challenge: In 1997 I decided to quit acting and become a regular person, whatever that means. I found a decent job and tried to blend in. I walked around with a smile on my face but I was literally dying on the inside, I felt like a piece of my soul was missing. It lasted for 10 years. God knows how I survived.

My Approach: I decided that, perhaps, if I excelled at my job that would make me happier. I learned everything I needed to know about the company and received promotion after promotion. I helped people by teaching them everything I knew and then let them fly on their own. I had the attention of the higher ups and felt respected. The only problem was I still felt empty and frankly extremely depressed.

My Inspiration: In 2007 my life changed. I prided myself on how I supported everyone else’s dreams and was happy when others succeeded. One day, Amy, a co-worker invited me to go shopping on our lunch hour. She was younger than me and had a great exuberance. We talked and I told her that in my “previous life” I was an actor and how much I loved it. The next thing that happened was extraordinary, what I now know was divine intervention.  “Why don’t you move to Los Angeles and start acting again?” Amy asked. It’s funny, I had been asked the same question by others who knew me well and I always dismissed the idea. But there was something about the way she asked that made sense.  I decided it was time to revisit my dream.

I only knew Amy from work, other than that we were virtually strangers, but she took such an interest in me. After I put in my two week notice she came to my desk and said “I have some vacation time coming up so I will drive to California with you.” I thought to myself,  “Wow God you are working overtime!” In April of 2008 Amy and I left Texas and drove all the way to California. I got an apartment and Amy stayed until I was settled then she flew back home. We stayed in touch and she was so happy for me. Approximately seven months later I received a call telling me that Amy had died in a car accident. She was my Angel; she lost her life but had given mine back to me. transformers_3_dark_of_the_moon-normal

My Victory: I had found a very flexible job that allowed me to go on auditions. My boss was very supportive and in turn I worked my tail off for her. One day I received a call from a casting director for the film, Transformers 3!  She said that the director had selected me from an acting website and offered me a role as an extra! I thought this is wonderful but I have a job, and the film needed me for at least two weeks! Furthermore they wanted me at the studio in two hours for a costume fitting. I took a deep breath and went to talk to my boss. She was more excited than me! She said I could have the two weeks off and she actually drove me to the studio for my fitting!

On the wings of angels we soar!
On The Wings of Angels We Soar!

 My Lesson: We are all put here for a special reason. Listen to the voice that stirs within you and take action.

My Prayer: Never give up on your passion. You are a being of the highest power, live a life that reflects that!





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