Lisa’s Story

Lisa & Robin
Lisa & Robin

Name: Lisa Marie Glover
Occupation: Consultant
Atlanta, GA
My Challenge: Death of Only Sibling

My Approach:  Allowing myself to feel the loss and grieve in a healthy way. Keeping my faith strong and girded in the Word of God.

Robin & Lisa
Robin & Lisa

My Inspiration: My Sister

My Victory:  The way God continues to show me just how blessed my mother and I are and how He blessed us even in Him giving my sister rest with Him.

My Lesson:  I realized that the grieving process is a struggle between your spirit and flesh. Your flesh misses the physical presence of the individual while your spirit understands their assignment here on earth was over. Through the grieving process your spirit and flesh are finding a place in your being where you can move forward with your life and find comfort in your memories.

My Prayer: The Prayer of Jabez and the Lord’s Prayer (daily)



  1. Lisa:
    Thank you for sharing with love and transparency. God continues to mend our broken hearts as we press on in faith with the hope of meeting Robin again in GLORY!
    We continue to thank Him for the gift of her life for 47 years and the gift of life you shared with her so selflessly.
    I believe God has special blessings for you as long as you live true to HIS Word!

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