“Ryan’s Story”

Ryan's Dream Job
Ryan’s Dream Job

Name: “Ryan”
Occupation:  Freelance Producer/Reporter
Age: 47

St. Louis, MO

My Challenge:
My challenge occurred about 17 or so years ago when I lost my job in television news. While it caused a ripple effect throughout my life and lifestyle, it was most impactful as an assault on my confidence and the shattering of a lifelong dream. Since age 12, I knew that reporting news on television was how I wanted to earn my living and make my mark. I achieved that goal. And for about 10 years, I worked in news covering a variety of events and doing a very good job of that. I have since heard from numerous friends in the business that they expected great things from me in the industry.  But, when my contract at a local station was not renewed in the mid 90s, I switched careers rather than continue to pursue my profession elsewhere. Developing a new successful life in the wake of departing television would become my greatest challenge.url-1

My Approach:
My approach hasn’t necessarily always been the best one. I tried for the longest time to deny that television news ever meant that much to me. And in the years that followed, I maintained a presence in television production and radio. I also branched out to explore other industries and occupations such as teaching, public relations and technology.

My Inspiration:
My inspiration of late has become my father. Dad is a wise man 91 years young. Just the other day, he reminded me never to give up. He shared his experience of having doors shut in his face only for him to seek to open other doors. He told me about how some said he wouldn’t succeed, how he’d never travel to America. He’s been here more than a half century and has built a new family with my mother in a marriage that’s lasted 48 years. If my Dad had given up, I might not be here. If he had quit, I wouldn’t have his story of inspiration to emulate.


My Victory:
My career victory has yet to occur. Or perhaps more precisely, it’s come in fits and starts. I’m probably in a bit of a fit right now. It’s a time of transition for me and at times, I must squint to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Lately, I’ve been encouraged to at least believe it’s not an oncoming train. Perhaps that’s victory enough for now. There are many prospects on my plate and I have cause to be optimistic. Optimism in the face of all I’ve endured; that’s victory indeed.

My Lesson: 
My lesson has been to resolve matters before moving on. It has only been within the past couple of weeks, after sitting with a friend to talk, that I realized that certain issues – including the television career change many years ago – were unresolved issues for me. And perhaps that has played a role in how I view and move within the world. I have enjoyed a measure of success, winning a variety of awards and doing fantastic work for clients and in other pursuits. But the wondering of how much more I could have accomplished remains an unresolved cloud above my head and a reason to pay attention to the importance of resolution when we approach mile markers.pm

My Prayer:
My prayer is for God to grant me wisdom to fully see the landscape and to make decisions accordingly. I ask that he enable me to be the person he’d have me to be and to realize my full range of capabilities to use to his glory.


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