“Steeped In Faith!” ~ Pamela’s Story

Pam McKelvy Hamner
Pamela McKelvy Hamner

Name:   Pam McKelvy Hamner
Occupation:  Broadcast Journalist         Age:  45
Southaven, Mississippi

My Challenge:
Overcoming breast cancer. I was diagnosed with stage 2 carcinoma in November 2012

My Approach:
I surrendered “It” to God and demonstrated my faith in Him to overcome a double mastectomy and bi-lateral reconstruction surgery. I also underwent four rounds of chemo treatments. My goal was to be open, honest and proclaim how the Lord healed my body, mind and soul. The challenge was to reveal the triumph despite the tragedy of the situation. I never let my temporary circumstances overshadow my faith in my future.

"That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"
“That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!”

My Inspiration:
God. God resides in each of us. He uses us to encourage one another. The more I realized I was not in control of my circumstances, and surrendered my fears to Him, the more He used His resources to help in my healing. I learned to allow others to help me. My family and friends were my strongest supporters. This was a big step for me. I thought I was the controller of my own destiny. A disease like cancer makes you realize your mortality and reassess how you’ve been living. Previously, I had been an unforgiving person. I would hold on to things people said or did to me that were hurtful. God’s shown me grudges did not matter and it was heavy baggage I didn’t need to carry (sort of like a cancer itself). So it was like a veil was lifted when I released that pain along with the cancer cells in my body. I don’t continue to live in anger and or resentment.

“I forgive and move forward with my life.”

My Victory:
My victory is daily! Every morning when I wake up, I’m celebrating my second chance to live in praise and gratitude! I thank God for this chance I have to live out loud and on purpose. I feel like I have a new lease on life! I’m happy to love my husband and son with meaning. To do my job with passion and appreciation. I get tired and it’s challenging, but I stay in prayer and speak life to myself. It’s important that I keep an uplifting conversation in my head and not allow Satan to distract me with negative thoughts.

My Lesson:
Again, forgiveness is the biggest lesson from this experience. My lymph nodes were negative. I prayed for negative nodes. It means the cancer did not spread beyond the site of my breast. I felt like God was showing me favor. He forgave me for my short comings and sin. So now, I forgive and move forward in my life.

WMC Pam McKelvy2

My Prayer:
My prayer is to not be afraid and to trust God no matter what the circumstances. I find the more I release to Him, the more I trust and demonstrate my faith, the more He delivers! I listen more and talk less. I forgive and forge forward. I pray with sincerity and release with grace when I make mistakes. We are all God’s children and we all have different journeys, yet we are the same. The German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzche was right when he wrote: “..that which does not kill you, makes you stronger!”

"I don't believe He brought me this far to leave me!"
“I don’t believe He
brought me this far to leave me!”

God is the author of my faith and the sustains my mind. He is my constant help, so my heart is not troubled. I am a child of the King and therefore royalty. I keep a James Cleveland song in my heart.
“I don’t feel no ways tired… I’ve come too far from where I started from… Nobody told me that the road would be easy…I don’t believe He brought me this far to leave me! “dove_of_hope_pink_ribbon_breast_cancer_postcard-r377f65dea4304fd8867d581c8095c8dc_vgbaq_8byvr_512


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