Uze’s Story

Uze Brown-Washington Journalist
Uze Brown-Washington

Name: Uze Brown-Washington
Occupation: Journalist            Age: (Now Really Girl!)
City/State:  Atlanta,  GA

My Challenge:
Finding work. I’ve chatted with other colleagues who are finding it difficult to find employment as well. Many have started their own businesses when no other option availed itself. Just the search itself can seem hopeless, submitting resume after resume online is the equivalent to a giant black hole in the universe where those resumes seemingly go to disappear. After 30 years in one career field, it’s time to move on….problem is where? Until the answer is clear, I volunteer at a couple of churches to help in their broadcast ministries and I decided to get my Master’s Degree, so I’m back in school. The challenge is I’ve hit a wall. The solution is to keep moving until a new path is clear.

Uze Brown-Washington
Uze Brown-Washington
& Co-Anchor John Blunt
On set in Philadelphia

My Approach:
“As a man thinketh in his heart so is he…” (Proverbs 23:7) When others say it will never happen, I keep believing. When others say it’s time to give up, I keep going. When life hits so hard it knocks you down, I get up again. When others show me their unlovable sides, I keep loving. When pain seems to lurk around every corner, I pray. In my heart, I think God has a reason for everything, my job is to pray, believe and keep searching until I see what God sees.

My Inspiration:
God…none other.

My Victory:

My Lesson:
Life is hard…I have to be harder.

My Prayer:
God, let me keep seeing life through eyes of promise, feeling life through a heart of hope, and speaking to others in a voice of love.

Contact: Journalist Uze Brown-Washington @


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